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Fursultiamine Hydrochloride

Catalog No: HXT-74169
CAS No: 2105-43-3
Mol. Weight: 435
Mol. Formula: C17H27ClN4O3S2
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2Z,6Z,10Z-Vitamin K2

Catalog No: HXT-87873
CAS No: 72132-92-4
Mol. Weight: 444.65
Mol. Formula: C31H40O2
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Diethyl Allylmalonate

Catalog No: HXT-91021
CAS No: 2049-80-1
Mol. Weight: 200.23
Mol. Formula: C10H16O4
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Vitamin K1 Hydroperoxide

Catalog No: HXT-87983
CAS No: 15576-39-3
Mol. Weight: 482.69
Mol. Formula: C31H46O4
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Vitamin B12 e-NHS Ester

Catalog No: HXT-88060
CAS No: 160158-29-2
Mol. Weight: 1453.42
Mol. Formula: C67H90CoN14O17P
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O5-Succinylvitamin B12

Catalog No: HXT-86616
CAS No: 55729-45-8
Mol. Weight: 1455.44
Mol. Formula: C67H92CoN14O17P
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22-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)-23,24,25,26,27-pentanor Vitamin D3

Catalog No: HXT-78866
CAS No: 168408-60-4
Mol. Weight: 406.6
Mol. Formula: C28H38O2
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Doxercalciferol D3

Stable Isotopes
Catalog No: HXO-15784
CAS No: 54573-75-0 (Unlabeled)
Mol. Weight: 415.66
Mol. Formula: C28H41D3O2
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API Standards
Catalog No: HXO-01349
CAS No: 54573-75-0
Mol. Weight: 412.65
Mol. Formula: C28H44O2
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Doxercalciferol D6

Stable Isotopes
Catalog No: HXO-06565
CAS No: 54573-75-0 (Unlabeled)
Mol. Weight: 418.68
Mol. Formula: C28H38D6O2
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