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Acridine yellow G (C.I. 46025)

Catalog No: HXDK-00455
CAS No: 135-49-9
Mol. Weight: 273.76
Mol. Formula: C15H16ClN3
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Chromotrope 2R

Catalog No: HXCG-00256
CAS No: 4197-07-3
Mol. Weight: 468.37
Mol. Formula: C16H10N2Na2O8S2
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Cresol red

Catalog No: HXCG-00257
CAS No: 1733-12-6
Mol. Weight: 382.43
Mol. Formula: C21H18O5S
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Methyl green (C.I. 42590)

Catalog No: HXCG-00272
CAS No: 14855-76-6
Mol. Weight: 516.95
Mol. Formula: C27H35BrClN3
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Methyl green

Catalog No: HXCG-00273
CAS No: 7114-03-6
Mol. Weight: 653.24
Mol. Formula: C27H35N3BrZnCl3
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Acid blue 182

Catalog No: HXCG-00235
CAS No: 12219-26-0
Mol. Weight: 589.5
Mol. Formula:
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Acid Fuchsin (C.I.42685)

Catalog No: HXCG-00236
CAS No: 3244-88-0
Mol. Weight: 585.54
Mol. Formula: C20H17N3Na2O9S3
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Turkey red oil sodium salt

Catalog No: HXCG-00300
CAS No: 8002-33-3
Mol. Weight: 422.49
Mol. Formula: C18H32Na2O6S
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Acid black 48 (C.I. 65005)

Catalog No: HXCG-00233
CAS No: 1328-24-1
Mol. Weight: 459.45
Mol. Formula: C28H17N3O4
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Acid black 52 (C.I. 15711)

Catalog No: HXCG-00234
CAS No: 5610-64-0
Mol. Weight: 461.38
Mol. Formula: C20H12N3NaO7S
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