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Catalog No: HXT-64376
CAS No: 75-05-8
Mol. Weight: 41.05
Mol. Formula: C2H3N
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Chloroform (Stabilized with ~1% Ethanol)

Catalog No: HXT-72673
CAS No: 67-66-3
Mol. Weight: 119.38
Mol. Formula: CHCl3
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Methyl Alcohol D4

Stable Isotopes
Catalog No: HXT-57790
CAS No: 811-98-3
Mol. Weight: 36.07
Mol. Formula: CD4O
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Tert-butanol D10

Building Blocks
Catalog No: HXO-11464
CAS No: 53001-22-2
Mol. Weight: 84.18
Mol. Formula: C4D10O
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Methyl Alcohol D

Stable Isotopes
Catalog No: HXO-10920
CAS No: 1455-13-6
Mol. Weight: 33.05
Mol. Formula: CH3DO
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Fine Chemicals
Catalog No: HXO-30667
CAS No: 67-56-1
Mol. Weight: 32.04
Mol. Formula: CH4O
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Ortho-Xylene D10

Building Blocks
Catalog No: HXO-14867
CAS No: 56004-61-6
Mol. Weight: 116.23
Mol. Formula: C8D10
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Building Blocks
Catalog No: HXT-00304
CAS No: 67-64-1
Mol. Weight: 58.08
Mol. Formula: C3H6O
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Dimethyl Sulfoxide D6

Stable Isotopes
Catalog No: HXT-53699
CAS No: 2206-27-1
Mol. Weight: 84.17
Mol. Formula: C2D6OS
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Toluene D8

Stable Isotopes
Catalog No: HXT-62117
CAS No: 2037-26-5
Mol. Weight: 100.19
Mol. Formula: C7D8
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