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Stable Isotopes
Catalog No: HXC-01214
CAS No: 1276197-11-5
Mol. Weight: 281.44
Mol. Formula: C17H19D7N2O
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Ritalinic-D9 Acid HCl (piperidine-D9) (mixture of stereoisomers)

Stable Isotopes
Catalog No: HXC-01221
CAS No: 1276197-13-7
Mol. Weight: 264.80
Mol. Formula: C13H9D9ClNO2
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1-Benzyl-4-cyano-4-piperidinecarboxylicacid ethyl ester

Fine Chemicals
Catalog No: HXMM-00005
CAS No: 123730-67-6
Mol. Weight: 272.35
Mol. Formula: C16H20N2O2
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Fine Chemicals
Catalog No: HXMM-00143
CAS No: 753440-87-8
Mol. Weight: 219.25
Mol. Formula: C11H13N3O2
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tert-Butyl 6-bromo-4H-spiro[benzo[d][1,3]-dioxine-2,4-piperidine]-1-carboxylate

Fine Chemicals
Catalog No: HXMM-00144
CAS No: 895525-73-2
Mol. Weight: 384.28
Mol. Formula: C17H22BrNO4
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tert-Butyl 6-bromo-4-oxospiro[chroman-2,4-piperidine]-1-carboxylate

Fine Chemicals
Catalog No: HXMM-00145
CAS No: 690632-38-3
Mol. Weight: 396.29
Mol. Formula: C18H22BrNO4
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Methyl 1-(2-chloropyrimidin-4-yl)piperidine-4-carboxylate

Fine Chemicals
Catalog No: HXMM-00014
CAS No: 889126-33-4
Mol. Weight: 255.71
Mol. Formula: C11H14ClN3O2
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Fine Chemicals
Catalog No: HXMM-00078
CAS No: 139062-96-7
Mol. Weight: 156.23
Mol. Formula: C8H16N2O
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Methyl piperidine-3-carboxylate

Fine Chemicals
Catalog No: HXMM-00079
CAS No: 50585-89-2
Mol. Weight: 143.19
Mol. Formula: C7H13NO2
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Building Blocks
Catalog No: HXMM-00118
CAS No: 769944-78-7
Mol. Weight: 340.27
Mol. Formula: C16H22BrNO2
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