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Catalog No: HXCC-00001
CAS No: 799268-70-5
Mol. Weight: 483.64
Mol. Formula: C22H46NO6PS
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17:0 Lyso PC

Catalog No: HXCC-00118
CAS No: 50930-23-9
Mol. Weight: 509.657
Mol. Formula: C25H52NO7P
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18:0-14:0 PC

Catalog No: HXCC-00135
CAS No: 20664-02-2
Mol. Weight: 734.05
Mol. Formula: C40H80NO8P
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24:0 Lyso PC

Catalog No: HXCC-00219
CAS No: 325171-59-3
Mol. Weight: 607.84
Mol. Formula: C32H66NO7P
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26:0 Lyso PC

Catalog No: HXCC-00230
CAS No: 1213783-80-2
Mol. Weight: 635.9
Mol. Formula: C34H70NO7P
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4ME 16:0 Diether DG

Catalog No: HXCC-00240
CAS No: 99341-19-2
Mol. Weight: 653.16
Mol. Formula: C43H88O3
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11:0 Lyso PC

Catalog No: HXCC-00021
CAS No: 27869-41-6
Mol. Weight: 425.5
Mol. Formula: C19H40NO7P
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14:0 Diether PC

Catalog No: HXCC-00041
CAS No: 36314-48-4
Mol. Weight: 649.97
Mol. Formula: C36H76NO6P
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14:0 Diether PG

Catalog No: HXCC-00042
CAS No: 384835-62-5
Mol. Weight: 660.88
Mol. Formula: C34H70O8PNa
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20:0 Lyso PC

Catalog No: HXCC-00203
CAS No: 108341-80-6
Mol. Weight: 551.74
Mol. Formula: C28H58NO7P
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