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Metal Compounds
Catalog No: HXED-00015
CAS No: 14452-47-2
Mol. Weight: 175.943
Mol. Formula: Lu
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(1R, 2R-diaminocyclohexane)diiodoplatinum(II)

Metal Compounds
Catalog No: HXBK-00002
Mol. Weight: 563.08
Mol. Formula: C6H14I2N2Pt
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Metal Compounds
Catalog No: HXBK-00004
Mol. Weight: 623.13
Mol. Formula: C8H18I2N2O2Pt
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Metal Compounds
Catalog No: HXCE-00865
CAS No: 94442-22-5
Mol. Weight: 319.31
Mol. Formula: C9H16Pt
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Metal Compounds
Catalog No: HXDC-00177
CAS No: 210363-27-2
Mol. Weight: 380.41
Mol. Formula: C16H39N4Nb
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1-Ethylcyclopentadienyl-1,3-cyclohexadieneiridium(I) (99.9%-Ir)

Metal Compounds
Catalog No: HXDC-00148
CAS No: 721427-58-3
Mol. Weight: 365.49
Mol. Formula: C13H17Ir
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1R,2R-diaminocyclohexanediaquaplatinum dinitrat

Metal Compounds
Catalog No: HXBK-00005
CAS No: 13601-08-6
Mol. Weight: 298.55
Mol. Formula: H12N6O6Pd
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2,2,6,6-Tetramethyl-3,5-heptanedionato lithium, 98+% [Li(TMHD)]

Metal Compounds
Catalog No: HXDC-00158
CAS No: 22441-13-0
Mol. Weight: 190.24
Mol. Formula: C11H19LiO2
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Metal Compounds
Catalog No: HXDC-00184
CAS No: 1271-03-0
Mol. Weight:
Mol. Formula: C8H10Pd
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Aluminium phosphate

Metal Compounds
Catalog No: HXDV-03472
CAS No: 7784-30-7
Mol. Weight: 121.95
Mol. Formula: AlO4P
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