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Catalog No: HXT-27095
CAS No: 72236-22-7
Mol. Weight: 207.27
Mol. Formula: C12H17NO2
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Catalog No: HXT-27578
CAS No: 0625-08-01
Mol. Weight: 118.13
Mol. Formula: C5H10O3
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Catalog No: HXT-10638
CAS No: 87-44-5
Mol. Weight: 204.35
Mol. Formula: C15H24
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3-Carboxy Mefenamic Acid

Catalog No: HXT-10442
CAS No: 190379-82-9
Mol. Weight: 271.27
Mol. Formula: C15H13NO4
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8-Hydroxy Mirtazapine

Catalog No: HXT-56245
CAS No: 102335-57-9
Mol. Weight: 281.15
Mol. Formula: C17H19N3O
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Desmethyl Mirtazapine Hydrochloride

Catalog No: HXT-52270
CAS No: 1188265-41-9
Mol. Weight: 287.79
Mol. Formula: C16H18ClN3
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Δ 8,9-Dehydro Estrone

Catalog No: HXO-07823
CAS No: 474-87-3
Mol. Weight: 268.35
Mol. Formula: C18H20O2
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Δ8,9-Dehydro Estrone 3-Sulfate Sodium Salt

Catalog No: HXT-14895
CAS No: 61612-83-7
Mol. Weight: 370.4
Mol. Formula: C18H19NaO5S
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α-[(2-Methoxyphenoxy)methyl]-1-piperazineethanol Dihydrochloride

Catalog No: HXT-32699
CAS No: 1185293-30-4
Mol. Weight: 339.26
Mol. Formula: C14H24Cl2N2O3
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α-Dimethyl Dipalmitoylphosphatidylethanolamine

Catalog No: HXAD-00790
CAS No: 3922-61-0
Mol. Weight: 720.01
Mol. Formula: C39H78NO8P
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