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Fine Chemicals
Catalog No: HXM-26733
CAS No: 656815-56-4
Mol. Weight: 275.73
Mol. Formula: C15H14ClNO2
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α-(2-((3,4-dimethoxyphenethyl)methylamino)-1-methylethyl)benzhydrol Oxalate, Hydrate

Fine Chemicals
Catalog No: HXAD-00207
CAS No: 4753-13-3
Mol. Weight: 508.5833
Mol. Formula: C29H34NO7
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α-(2-((cyclohexyl-1-methylethyl)methylamino)-1-methylethyl)benzhydrol Hydrochloride

Fine Chemicals
Catalog No: HXAD-00208
CAS No: 4082-49-9
Mol. Weight: 416.039
Mol. Formula: C26H38ClNO
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α-(2-(1-cyclopropylethylamino)-1-methylethyl)benzhydrol Hydrochloride

Fine Chemicals
Catalog No: HXAD-00209
CAS No: 35699-19-5
Mol. Weight: 345.906
Mol. Formula: C21H28ClNO
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Fine Chemicals
Catalog No: HXAD-00210
CAS No: 78110-04-0
Mol. Weight: 307.4293
Mol. Formula: C21H25NO
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α-(2-(2-(dimethylaminoethyl)methylamino)-1-methylethyl)benzhydrol Dihydrochloride

Fine Chemicals
Catalog No: HXAD-00211
CAS No: 78186-47-7
Mol. Weight: 399.398
Mol. Formula: C21H32Cl2N2O
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α-(2-(4-anisyl)-2-(ethylamino)ethyl)benzhydrol Hydrochloride

Fine Chemicals
Catalog No: HXAD-00212
CAS No: 14593-14-7
Mol. Weight: 411.964
Mol. Formula: C25H30ClNO2
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α-(2-(allylmethylamino)-1-methylethyl)benzhydrol Hydrochloride

Fine Chemicals
Catalog No: HXAD-00213
CAS No: 78109-91-8
Mol. Weight: 331.88
Mol. Formula: C20H26ClNO
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α-(2-(benzylethylamino)-1-methylethyl)benzhydrol Hydrochloride

Fine Chemicals
Catalog No: HXAD-00214
CAS No: 78109-97-4
Mol. Weight: 395.965
Mol. Formula: C25H30ClNO
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α-(2-(benzylmethylamino)-1-methylethyl)benzhydrol Hydrochloride

Fine Chemicals
Catalog No: HXAD-00215
CAS No: 25772-96-7
Mol. Weight: 381.938
Mol. Formula: C24H28ClNO
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