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Catalog No: HXT-92413
CAS No: 27460-26-0
Mol. Weight: 402.65
Mol. Formula: C27H46O2
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N,N,N-Trimethyl-4-(6-phenyl-1,3,5-hexatrien-1-yl)phenylammonium p-Toluenesulfonate

Standards:Fluorescent reagent
Catalog No: HXT-88073
CAS No: 115534-33-3
Mol. Weight: 461.62
Mol. Formula: C28H31NO3S
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Gadopentetate Monomeglumine

Catalog No: HXT-79750
CAS No: 92923-57-4
Mol. Weight: 742.79
Mol. Formula: C21H37GdN4O15
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3,6,9,12,15-Pentaoxaoctadec-17-yn-1-yl Phosphonofluoridic Acid Ethyl Ester

Standards:Fluorescent reagent
Catalog No: HXT-84513
CAS No: 1159977-57-7
Mol. Weight: 370.35
Mol. Formula: C15H28FO7P
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Meglumine Diatrizoate

Building Blocks
Catalog No: HXT-81150
CAS No: 131-49-7
Mol. Weight: 809.13
Mol. Formula: C18H26I3N3O9
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Catalog No: HXT-78458
CAS No: 770691-21-9
Mol. Weight: 604.71
Mol. Formula: C18H31GdN4O9
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Globotriaosylceramid?e Sphingosine

Carbohydrates and Oligosaccharides
Catalog No: HXT-78770
CAS No: 126550-86-5
Mol. Weight: 785.91
Mol. Formula: C36H67NO17
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Hexaammineruthenium(III) Trichloride

API Standards
Catalog No: HXT-78193
CAS No: 14282-91-8
Mol. Weight: 309.61
Mol. Formula: Cl3H18N6Ru?
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3-Bodipy-propanoic Acid

Standards:Fluorescent reagent
Catalog No: HXT-49571
CAS No: 165599-63-3
Mol. Weight: 292.09
Mol. Formula: C14H15BF2N2O2
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3-Bodipy-propanoylaminocaproic Acid, N-Hydroxysuccinimide Ester

Catalog No: HXT-49574
CAS No: 217190-09-5
Mol. Weight: 502.32
Mol. Formula: C24H29BF2N4O5
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