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Crown Ethers
Catalog No: HXT-66287
CAS No: 83585-56-2
Mol. Weight: 249.3
Mol. Formula: C11H23NO5
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Crown Ethers
Catalog No: HXDK-00149
CAS No: 97571-69-2
Mol. Weight: 580.07
Mol. Formula: C10F20O5
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Crown Ethers
Catalog No: HXDK-00150
CAS No: 294-93-9
Mol. Weight: 176.21
Mol. Formula: C8H16O4
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Crown Ethers
Catalog No: HXDK-00151
CAS No: 16069-36-6
Mol. Weight: 372.5
Mol. Formula: C20H36O6
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Crown Ethers
Catalog No: HXDK-00153
CAS No: 14174-08-04
Mol. Weight: 224.25
Mol. Formula: C12H16O4
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Crown Ethers
Catalog No: HXDK-00154
CAS No: 33941-15-0
Mol. Weight: 263.33
Mol. Formula: C12H25NO5
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Crown Ethers
Catalog No: HXDK-00155
CAS No: 14098-24-9
Mol. Weight: 312.36
Mol. Formula: C16H24O6
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Crown Ethers
Catalog No: HXDK-00152
CAS No: 17455-25-3
Mol. Weight: 536.61
Mol. Formula: C28H40O10
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Crown Ethers
Catalog No: HXDK-00156
CAS No: 60835-69-0
Mol. Weight: 313.3
Mol. Formula: C14H19NO7
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Crown Ethers
Catalog No: HXDK-00157
CAS No: 53408-96-1
Mol. Weight: 357.35
Mol. Formula: C16H23NO8
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