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PIPES Dipotassium salt

Catalog No: HXDK-00101
CAS No: 108321-27-3
Mol. Weight: 378.54
Mol. Formula: C8H16K2N2O6S2
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TRIS hydrochloride

Catalog No: HXDK-00102
CAS No: 1185-53-1
Mol. Weight: 157.59
Mol. Formula: C4H12ClNO3
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Glycylglycine hydrochloride

Catalog No: HXDK-00103
CAS No: 23273-91-8
Mol. Weight: 168.58
Mol. Formula: C4H9ClN2O3
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AMPSO sodium salt

Catalog No: HXDK-00104
CAS No: 102029-60-7
Mol. Weight: 249.26
Mol. Formula: C7H16NNaO5S
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POPSO Sesquisodium salt

Catalog No: HXDK-00105
CAS No: 108321-08-0
Mol. Weight: 362.41
Mol. Formula: C10H22N2O8S2
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MES Potassium salt

Catalog No: HXDK-00106
CAS No: 39946-25-3
Mol. Weight: 233.32
Mol. Formula: C6H12KNO4S
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TES Sodium salt

Catalog No: HXDK-00107
CAS No: 70331-82-7
Mol. Weight: 251.23
Mol. Formula: C6H14NNaO6S
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HEPPSO Ultrapure

Catalog No: HXDK-00108
CAS No: 68399-78-0
Mol. Weight: 268.33
Mol. Formula: C9H20N2O5S
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DIPSO Sodium salt

Catalog No: HXDK-00109
CAS No: 102783-62-0
Mol. Weight: 265.26
Mol. Formula: C7H16NNaO6S
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MES Hemisodium salt

Catalog No: HXDK-00120
CAS No: 117961-21-4
Mol. Weight: 217.21
Mol. Formula: C6H12NNaO4S
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