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ADA disodium salt

Catalog No: HXDK-00110
CAS No: 41689-31-0
Mol. Weight: 234.12
Mol. Formula: C6H8N2Na2O5
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Ammonium tartrate

Biological Buffers
Catalog No: HXDA-00249
CAS No: 3164-29-2
Mol. Weight: 184.15
Mol. Formula: C4H12N2O6
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AMPSO sodium salt

Catalog No: HXDK-00104
CAS No: 102029-60-7
Mol. Weight: 249.26
Mol. Formula: C7H16NNaO5S
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BES Ultrapure

Catalog No: HXDK-00118
CAS No: 10191-18-1
Mol. Weight: 213.52
Mol. Formula: C6H15NO5S
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CAPS Sodium salt

Catalog No: HXDK-00119
CAS No: 105140-23-6
Mol. Weight: 243.3
Mol. Formula: C9H18NNaO3S
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di-Ammonium hydrogen citrate

Biological Buffers
Catalog No: HXCG-00088
CAS No: 3012-65-5
Mol. Weight: 226.18
Mol. Formula: C6H14N2O7
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DIPSO Sodium salt

Catalog No: HXDK-00109
CAS No: 102783-62-0
Mol. Weight: 265.26
Mol. Formula: C7H16NNaO6S
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Glycylglycine hydrochloride

Catalog No: HXDK-00103
CAS No: 23273-91-8
Mol. Weight: 168.58
Mol. Formula: C4H9ClN2O3
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Biological Buffers
Catalog No: HXDA-00250
CAS No: 161308-36-7
Mol. Weight: 266.36
Mol. Formula: C10H22N2O4S
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HEPPSO Ultrapure

Catalog No: HXDK-00108
CAS No: 68399-78-0
Mol. Weight: 268.33
Mol. Formula: C9H20N2O5S
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