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1,17-Bisbiotinylamino-3,6,9,12,15-pentaoxaheptadecane (>90%)

Biotin Derivatives
Catalog No: HXT-49205
CAS No: 440680-87-5
Mol. Weight: 732.95
Mol. Formula: C32H56N6O9S2
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Biotin Derivatives
Catalog No: HXT-52343
CAS No: 1185143-93-4
Mol. Weight: 385.32
Mol. Formula: C19H18N2O2Se
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10-Undecenyl-phosphonic Acid Benzyl Ethyl Diester

Biotin Derivatives
Catalog No: HXT-46130
CAS No: 1246816-95-4
Mol. Weight: 352.45
Mol. Formula: C20H33O3P
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Biotin Derivatives
Catalog No: HXT-49141
CAS No: 1041766-91-9
Mol. Weight: 482.43
Mol. Formula: C18H32BrN3O5S
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Biotin Derivatives
Catalog No: HXT-49186
CAS No: 1219125-65-1
Mol. Weight: 661.77
Mol. Formula: C33H39N7O6S
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2-[Na-Benzoylbenzoicamido-N6-(6-biotinamidocaproyl)-L-lysinylamido]ethyl Methanethiosulfonate

Biotin Derivatives
Catalog No: HXT-48718
CAS No: 910036-44-1
Mol. Weight: 831.08
Mol. Formula: C39H54N6O8S3
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3-(4-(N-Biotinoyl-6-aminocaproyloxy)phenyl)propionic Acid

Biotin Derivatives
Catalog No: HXT-49131
CAS No: 83592-10-3
Mol. Weight: 505.63
Mol. Formula: C25H35N3O6S
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Biotin Derivatives
Catalog No: HXT-31486
CAS No: 102849-12-7
Mol. Weight: 523.6
Mol. Formula: C23H33N5O7S
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3-[2-N-(Biotinyl)aminoethyldithio]propanoic Acid

Biotin Derivatives
Catalog No: HXT-06562
CAS No: 104582-29-8
Mol. Weight: 407.57
Mol. Formula: C15H25N3O4S3
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6-(Biotinylamino)thiocaproic Acid S-Ethyl Ester

Biotin Derivatives
Catalog No: HXT-49140
CAS No: 353754-94-6
Mol. Weight: 401.59
Mol. Formula: C18H31N3O3S2
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