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API Standards
Catalog No: HXO-30757
CAS No: 7681-76-7
Mol. Weight: 200.15
Mol. Formula: C6H8N4O4
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Tiropramide Hydrochloride

API Standards
Catalog No: HXO-30801
CAS No: 53567-47-8
Mol. Weight: 504.1
Mol. Formula: C28H41N3O3.Cl
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Tebipenem pivoxil

API Standards
Catalog No: HXO-30808
CAS No: 161715-24-8
Mol. Weight: 497.63
Mol. Formula: C22H31N3O6S2
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Olopatadine pamoate

API Standards
Catalog No: HXO-02047
Mol. Weight:
Mol. Formula:
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API Standards
Catalog No: HXE-01026
CAS No: 482-83-7
Mol. Weight: 268.3
Mol. Formula: C16H12O4
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Orcinol Monohydrate

API Standards
Catalog No: HXEP-00391
CAS No: 6153-39-5
Mol. Weight: 142.15
Mol. Formula: C7H10O3
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API Standards
Catalog No: HXC-00764
CAS No: 160430-64-8
Mol. Weight: 222.67
Mol. Formula: C10H11ClN4
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Amoxicillin sodium

API Standards
Catalog No: HXO-00940
CAS No: 34642-77-8
Mol. Weight: 387.39
Mol. Formula: C16H19N3NaO5S
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Ibuprofen Lysinate

API Standards
Catalog No: HXEL-00119
CAS No: 57469-77-9
Mol. Weight: 352.48
Mol. Formula: C19H32N2O4
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Diethyl phosphorochloridothionate

API Standards
Catalog No: HXO-16911
CAS No: 2524-04-1
Mol. Weight: 188.61
Mol. Formula: C4H10ClO2PS
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